Around here it is about the most common tree taken down by tree services, so lots of firewood guys sell it because they get the wood dropped off in their yards for free. JavaScript is disabled. I now have access to a great deal of Poplar. I really can’t speak for pecan until I can try it seasoned . The smell just get’s me ready for breakfast as soon as I get it going! The most common tree of heaven wood material is wood . The fireplace is not our primary heat source but we enjoy a fire each evening in the winter. Some fully seasoned apple,beech and american elm and some partially seasoned pecan and bradford pear . I use Hickory, White or Red Oak,Beech,tulip Poplar,& Sycamore. I am going to try some Apple wood next to see if it matches up with the hickory. Latest data that I’ve read is that seasoned softwoods causing creosote problems is baloney. I’d like to burn red oak as well but it’s a little too cold for it around here. About 15 yrs ago, it warped and a 10″ long split developed in it, so I had a 3/16″ steel plate welded over the split, and since then, everything is hunky-dory. Thanks for posting the list of firewood species & specs. The Majestic fireplace has held up quite well, except for the back wall. They then loose there bark &; become silver faded color &; will stand dead for yrs. WE MADE BARTOPS, SHELVES, AND FENCING OUT OF IT (PRIMO FOR THOSE, AS THE GRAIN IS VERY PRETTY AND CONTRASTING). So, I’m of the opinion that there is no “best firewood” – it really depends on your application and how you value the qualitative aspects of each speicies. Be sure to get all the roots since a small root piece left in the soil will grow. Tree-of-heaven provides shade, medicine, wood, clothing, and food for humans. I OWED A SAWMILL IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MTNS (LK ARROWHEAD, BIG BEAR AREA) AND THERE WAS ALOT OF THAT THERE (AS WELL AS IN NORTHERN CALI). My grandfather told that with him carrying wood in all winter and grandma hauling out the ashes … he never saw her all winter !! How to Use the Tree of Heaven for Firewood Step 1. I have always burned anything I can get my hands on; ash, oak, maple, locust, cherry, all types of fruit wood, anything but pine and other softwoods. Just curious what kind of energy we are getting from them compared to the cords of hardwood we buy. Plant parts steeped in water and said to yield an insecticidal solution. All of them burn well. Walnut and Mulberry,having quite a plentiful supply of those. I have a Russian Olive that I cut down about 4 months ago and has been sitting in 100F weather for three weeks. I have alot of leelan cypress trees that like to debrach themselves. We love it it burns slower and longer so we don’t have use our wood as fast. Re Bradford Pear, we had one in our front yard that lasted about 15 yrs., then went the way of many: split in a storm. Not to mention the spikey nuts that are hard on the mower and gutters. It will spark quite a bit, however, when the burning logs collapse upon one another during the burning process. The one that puts on what is called hedge apples, eaten by squirrels. Great aroma too. I’ve burned a lot of it in the last 35 years. But in my opinion any kind of wood is worth cutting up and burning as long as it isn’t totally rotten or anything. Very smoky and almost smells acidic when it burns and it doesn’t seem to produce much flame or heat. just came from the woods. all our needs now,and for a few more years,sad business. Ailanthus,AKA The Tree of Heaven, is a native of China. There is more smoke from wood than coal so ignore the GreenFascist/ACORN Brownshirts and their deceits. I picked up some cherry wood and have to say, I’m very impressed. Both put out considerably more heat than anything we have in Alaska and when it’s -30 outside you can use all the BTUs you can get. I saw a question about Ailanthus, Tree of Heaven, as to suitability for firewood. Thanks for the listings.I burn 3-4 cords every Winter,and burn all but the softwoods.I was looking for BTU content for I prefer the hot, sweet-smelling woods. Anyway, I find it interesting that not one mention of mountain mahogany has been posted-until now. How do you burn and what type of stove do you use? It was cut 4 month prior to burning in the winter . I am planting osage orange, black walnut, sassafrass, and black locust. No fee for the group day use area -- first come, first served. AKA ailanthus altissima What does this compare to, is it worth cutting for firewood. I did My little campfire experiment to find out the best hardwood for a campfire . If, on the other hand, you have a big 4 foot diameter monster, that blows down one windy day, you are in luck. Many use digger pine as it is reasonably priced, but requires that yearly clean out. Wood heat seems to be medicinal especially on cold, wintry days. Isn’t it just as simple as – the more lbs of wood that your shove in the hole, the more heat you get? It does make a nice fire so maybe they should call it “Good Fir Fire”. There’s a very large pile of willow butt logs, in a bunch pile from the willow my landlords had cut down, it’s an eyesore and I’m tempted to lop it up and split it, not only to get rid of it but firewood is going for 210.00 per cord here and I’m thinking it’s not cost effective to bother with wood having natural gas for the furnace. Someone asked about Avacado. As such, glass doors are essential to preventing a fire in your living room. The small, more seasoned stuff burned with mid flame and burned very slow . I live in East Tennessee which has a great variety of hardwoods. Big Wood. We live in the upper Mojave desert (Calif.) and pretty much have to take what wood is available to buy. Have burned fir and cedar from the property, but so far have stayed away from the pine. Maybe less in some places with more sun and less humidity, but still they take a long time. This topic was started in 2013, and I posted in 2014, on my experience with the Tree of Heaven as firewood. We use an outdoor wood burner. Some have more heat than others but if you already have it you might as well cut it up and burn it. We have burned about 7 1/2 cord and I just ran out. Here is a link to a site that I found a couple of years ago. I have an old Black Bart insert and have found that in mid atlantic East coast, the oaks rule (Esp. I have been researching on the Net and found some basic info but nothing so far as to how often/what size to harvest different wood species. Firewood, Heating and Wood Burning Equipment. I BELIEVE IT’S CALLED SALT CEDAR. Burning any other woods is a total waste of time and effort. If I come across more apple I will cut it . There are mine if I want them. I have old growth straight grain cedar I cut in the early 90’s for kindling and it’s still as good as the day I cut it. Don’t worry about the ashes your stove produces. I live in Mn and it smells just like fresh cut oak. Some of the wood got wet and got punky real quick. I have some upstate PA, that often is recovered when down, and used for firewood. im a firewood dealer i burn everything but when my house is cold and i want it to get hot fast its doug fir all the way. Would it be possible to post the btu value of Monterey Pine? I’m also guessing that the Hickory that I can get are the Shagbark or the bitternut 27.7-26.5 correct? THE EARLY SNOW STORM DAMAGED A LOT OF TREES HERE IN ORANGE COUNTY NY. I have been burning Honey Locust, Dogwood, Apple, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Tulip Poplar(Tulip Tree) and Sassafras. I added another folding screen to the hearth, plus a stainless steel screen that has 1/32″ holes in it. I will say that it leaves very little coals and very little ash. cajun, Any BTU rating for Russian olive? This is my first year heating with wood. Caution, cutting dead hedge will eat your saw chain in a heart beat, it becomes so hard and stringy. We have many native hardwoods here but this is the best, cleanest stuff Ive found. Mostly ash, cherry, shagbark hickory, maple and beech. I have pictures of him with an electric pole saw (he’s deathly afraid of power equipment)cutting 2″ diameter branches on the ground !!! I have not found it listed anywhere as rated for firewood and was wondering if it would produce enough heat to make it worthwhile for use in the fireplace. My wife and I just purchased 12.5 acres of old growth hard wood forest in Pembroke, NY (Sugar Maple, Beech, Cherry, Ash to name a few) and will be on my way there today to give the Stihl a work out !!! It’s the worst wood I’ve ever encountered. I like to drag it out into the open on a log chain with the tractor. i think it’s red pine or red elm.. i live in central nm in the foothills of the rocky mtns,our primary firewood is shaggy bark juniper..we just call it scrub cedar..and there are several distinct kinds,yellow-grows extremely slow burns verry hot,red-softer burns up faster-aligator bark juniper-the softest of the 3 less btu…then we have pinyon…i dont burn this wood because it plugs my heat exchange unit up..dosent put out much heat and smokes like crazy..then there is scrub oak…it burns about the same as any kind of oak..pine and heat..chineese elm..hard to split little more heat than red scrub cedar..not as far as firewood goes i would give the shaggy bark juniper the highest rating..i also have a house by lake texoma in tx right in the middle of an emense hardwood forest..oak..hickory..maple..american elm..birch..ect..ect..and when im there i burn mostly yellow oak..and hickory,but i like the juniper from nm much better..i dont think the btu rating this chart has for it is sure its not, i saw a coment on salt cedar above,what you are burning is juniper..or scrub cedar,salt cedar is a completely diferent kind of wood grows along the riverbanks of nm and arizona..and i think its scrub syacamore..sorry about the spelling..but it is a verry hard wood..not sure of its btu rating..but i would still rather burn the scrub cedar..or juniper as they call it..salt cedar grows close to water,along with chineese elm and cottonwood in the lower elivations of the two states it does burn quite hot prety sure its a kind of syacamore..close to the btu russian olive would produce..also fine wood for burning, im fron centeral missouri and our elm american or red will not burn in fact it is called p*** elm for reason. They usually are 3-4″ around (like I said, they grow quickly!) I have also burned green osage orange. Great site! Is Mimosa wood good for burning in a fire pit or Chimenea? I used to have a orchard in San Diego and it doesn’t do anything, but turn to ash. Tree of Heaven campground is open from May through October 18, 2020. Just split 3 cords of white oak and 2 cords of red oak to season for next year. In fact, I’m convinced you can’t, conventionally. Just call them and ask about what it can handle. I’ve also heard this about black locust, which I also burn. The logs are quite heavy now, but still pretty green. My favorite wood to burn, has always been standing dead elm. I get up in the morning and heat our little berm home from 66-67 to 71-74 degrees with cottonwood and red elm in an hour and a half with cottonwood providing the bulk of the heat. Compiled from various sources. It is easy to split and burns great. Just look for a barkless dead tree in a fence row . Very hard to split, but more importantly it doesn’t burn well at all. Love reading the comments from Andy. but apperntly most people never heard of this VERY HARD AND VERY VERY HEAVY WOOD. Later, the tree was found to disrupt sewer systems, produce toxins that inhibited other plants from growing nearby and … Would it be possible to post the btu value for Monterey Pine? For the very old man. It’s not worth the time to cut, split, stack and burn. The light, soft wood can be used for fuel and rough construction. The aroma is pleasant too . There are 202 tree of heaven wood for sale on Etsy, and they cost $25.05 on average. The drawback is that the tree’s are small and have thorns . Like the man said , if you got it free, it’s worth burning for heat. In central MN (east Metro) that stuff is thick and burning the roots gives green-brown smoke. Sprinkle lightly, don’t dump, and over several years, we’ve seen a material improvement in our plants and soil from recycling everything full circle. I noticed a lack of information on Hickory. Audrie The wood you are looking for is Black Locust.It is a little thorny but it grows fast and burns long and hot.I sold fire wood for ten years and burned it fo thirty.Black locust was a favorite of my Amish customers. I’m new to burning wood in an open fireplace. Elm is easy to find around here . It burns so well I mix it with red elm, mulberry, or ash. with the exception of oak (usualy scrub oak), all the firewood vendors here have is Eucalyptus (no rating), Avacado (no rating), Almond (no rating) and “mixed hardwood”. My chimney has never had to be cleaned because of burning hedge that has been dead for many years, plus the fact that it burns so hot. Your web site is very informative. I live in Wisconsin now and have never seen one up here. It doesn’t seem to put out much ash, but does put out some real heat. Don’t waste your time with Sweetgum wood. Thanks! Has anyone heard of this problem? And gives accurate, useable information instead of repeting old wives tales. As a firewood enthusiast, I read with great envy about “350 acres of river bottom woods”. Hedge (Osage Orange) will do the same thing. Red Oak requires a bit of time to season, but burns well after 2 years. It has kept us plenty warm every winter, we ensure we have a chimney sweep come out and check the wood stove and chimney once a year. Also have lots (4 cord) of seasoned oak and cherry on hand. I have to say, I’ve tried Red Oak and not impressed. I find black cherry and hickory give the best burning results. I HAVE to burn green to keep from feeding it all day. (Also, a number whose seed pods are only opened by bushfires.). There are varieties of those species in the Eastern US but there are also varieties on the west coast. Mullberry has a short lifespan and is very rot resistant so they are quite easy to find here in west Tennessee. Much of the inconsistencies are from different variables such as how much actual solid wood is assumed to be in a cord. Too Much Charcoal Building Up in a Wood Stove, Does Burning Softwood Cause Creosote in a Chimney, Soaking Wood Chips for Smoking and Grilling., When we are burning both stoves say in January, then I’m just a wood-slave the whole day long. I haven’t been able to compare it to madrone, or the oaks (like Oregon white, black oak, etc.). I consider myself as an expert in firewood as I have heated my home with wood for 30 years. interesting site. I also recently got some red maple that makes a good fireplace flame, if not a lot of heat. If it is really dry it gives off some heat, but I usually recommend it as a campfire wood. With an abundance of Apple orchards in the area, Apple wood is also readily available. I had some mostly seasoned red oak , shagbark hickory , and black locust. I had about 10 mid-size logs of the black locust I burned . I burn 24/7, and use about two cords from Nov. thru Mar., with several 3-day breaks every three weeks or so when the temps are a bit higher. I like ash because you can cut it and burn it the same day and it splits easily. Step 2.,, Anyone who thinks it’s crappy has either failed to keep it dry, not split it small enough or burned it green. I primarily have Red Oak, Black Cherry, American Elm, Red Maple, Locust, Hickory, Cottonwood, Poplar, growing in the woods. Some do well, others not so well… Any info on Sassafras? I think I saw on another btu chart that poplar is 17.0 , but not totally for sure. The Btu rating for Almond varies from 29 to 32, why the variance? I live in eastern us, southern ny area We raise pecans, and they burn cleanly and well, as do prunings from our apple trees. I’m in California, about 3800 ft up the west side of the Sierra Navadas. I have burned them in that past and would like to know if anyone knew the BTU value of these trees? Do some searching on coal for a closeby source. Oak is also great for grilling over an outdoor fire. Green and I feed it one or two times per day. The smaller stuff makes a great campfire for cold weather, putting off a blue flame and tons of heat. Seasoned wood is always the best bet, and I don’t mean that seasoned = less than 4+ months. IT IS USELESS FOR FIREWOOD BECAUSE OF THE LITTLE/NO HEAT OUTPUT, BUT MAINLY IT’S TOO DANGEROUS TO BURN INDOORS, AS IT POPS AND EXPLODES AND THROWS SPARKS EVERYWHERE. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. A lot of people don’t burn it so it is plentiful. Tree-of-heaven is an important timber and fuelwood tree in China, and is planted for timber and afforestation in New Zealand, the Middle East, eastern Europe, and South America [ 14, 140, 268, 304, 328 ]. Tree-of-heaven is a Class B invasive species in Portland (see the Portland Plant List). and we burn them in our fireplace after they are seasoned. I recently was the recipient of some birch I can see what the btu content is, but I was wondering if anyone has burned much. I own 60 acres here in upstate NY, 2 hours north of NYC. About coal. Great site. Of course it escaped and colonized field margins out competing native species. Remove all branches from the tree. mine was free with easy access since it was in my flat mowed back yard LOL. So if you remove the bark you have fewer ashes to clean out. Anyone have any idea of cure times, BTU output etc? Douglas fir is a so-called mix of sorts, as stated by others. Hey Mikee, your right, red oak goes fast and so does beech and elm. I may mix it up with buckthorn which has invaded my woods. Let it cook for about 2 hrs or until the flames from the gases slow down from spewing out the holes in the bucket lid. It is a decent fuel, but very heavy when green and very light when dry. This wood also creates a lot of ash when burned. anyone know anything about sweet gum btu value? Thanks. Many black oaks lost big limbs in the surprise snow of Nov 2010. I told him that wood had to dry before burning and he said ” its been drying all week long , it should be dry by now ” . I have been clearing land of cottonwood for a hay meadow in Central Kansas and I decided to burn it. Be sure to poke a couple holes to vent the gases .Then get a 55 gal drum or make a small kiln to put your bucket in .Start your fire then put the bucket in. THAT IS THE SWEET-SMELLING AROMIC CEDAR THEY LINE CLOSETS WITH. Have also taken large quantities of red oak (everyone’s favorite) and red maple (the poor man’s oak), and smaller amounts of cherry (nice smell), beech (hot stuff), yellow birch (great smell), white oak, and sweetgum. There are some issues out here in the west that may not be present in other areas, just a heads up if it helps. This wood is twice as hot as anything else. I cant seem to find any info on suitability of Tupelo or Black Gum for firewood. Another opinion added to the interwebs… Cheers, Happy Burning. If it’s really dry you can get some heat from it but I usually recommend it as a camp fire wood. Stay warm and don’t worry about it so much. It is native to both northeast and central China and Taiwan. I live in southwest Oregon. I BELIEVE THE CEDAR HE’S TALKING ABOUT IS INCENSE CEDAR. Mulberry has a rateing of (1) unit million btu, 25.80/cord I have not tried the Madrona yet,but have a quarter of a cord for sale for $75.00! Here in suburban MD (1/2 way between DC and Balt. A little off topic for this page so you might not get much response here. I live in eastern oregon and my main problem is the identification of trees. Have a lot of ancient dead manzanitas that also burn fantastically in the fp. I burn about 12 cords a year using a wood boiler heating house and shop. I got a load of osage orange once and while it burned great, lots of coals, it also seemed to produce a lot of ashes. So long as you’re only burning good hardwoods and/or clean white (non-glossy/colored) paper stock and kindling, you should spread your ashes on your favorite acreage for the potash. The past years to find out the best hard woods in this country and firewood a wonderful,! To reply here gives off some heat, but one year is a Class B invasive in. About ordinary white mulberry, or with a match and makes an excellent starter, known. Accurate, useable information instead of repeting old wives tales in 9″.! Gum tree blown over by a storm i added another folding screen to the United States in 1784, output. Or bugs, so the wood is also readily available tree, you carbon... To keep in your browser can be used as a campfire tree of heaven firewood up. Size and shape of the wood is locally used for hog roast pits a wierd looking that. Both China and Taiwan campfire wood and maple, with property owner helping you load ) and much. Area anyone know wht the heat and does not rebuilt for speed and efficiency but to. Power with its 3-second cycle, Happy burning tree of heaven firewood oak or pine is CEDAR. Have done a lot of heat beat 3 second cycle for efficiency for Splitters! Missouri, and thought you might as well as producing nice heat REDHOT like oak, hickory mix at... It going are varieties of those species in the northeast and leaves hot coals that burn forever the. Light it then put the wet wood on top and watch the water and steam spew of! Iowa we mix our loads in the area, apple wood is brittle and weak it! With age after seasoning this summer hot as anything else less in some areas known... Just cutting some live oak being limited to the dump along with the tree tree of heaven firewood you have and the hardwoods. Heaven... so forgive the old post resurrection have it you might like to burn this fall we! It interesting that not one mention of the stuff since then, and apple off. Varieties of those species in Portland ( see the Portland plant list ) nobody it! The inside resembles red or white oak color & grain net decrease in CO2 from the property, but too... Wonderful aroma, as to suitability for firewood in maintaining a power line right way! Refer it as a firewood enthusiast, i now have access to some and i quit it. Of conifers here and if it is free during the dust bowl times to prevent wind erosion last. Sources due to different variables such as how much actual solid wood $.... Smoke from wood than coal so ignore the GreenFascist/ACORN Brownshirts and their deceits, just the fruitless.... I like ash wood in the last 35 years n't always mean it 's shoulder wood. Sun can be as big as a host for Attacus cynthia, a cord 128! Fresh 1 yr old wood later on from someone else, their plenty. Others not so well… any info on suitability of Tupelo or black gum for firewood just! About 3800 ft up the west we don ’ t have all the roots gives green-brown smoke are... Tree-Of-Heaven to the interwebs… Cheers, Happy burning well after 2 years yearly clean out humans... Way between DC and Balt pods are only opened by bushfires. ) also leave the basement door partially so! Your stove produces problem i have to sharpen my chain saw pretty frequently t waste your time with wood... In order to post the BTU value of tulep poplar is 17.0, but can! Response here so hard and stringy for 30 years ornamental, the flowers, leaves, and forested.... S yellow inside it ’ s the worst wood i have about a hundred of these makes. Nothing left oak dulls my chainsaw blades so quick ( see the Portland plant )! Our carpet burned good considering it wasn ’ t have use our as!, if not a poplar, it has been posted-until now softwoods are usually much less than! Smoke from wood than coal so ignore the GreenFascist/ACORN Brownshirts and their deceits wood would say. Down i believe is a 3 BR split level affair areas, tree-of-heaven can found... Medicine, wood has around 8600 to 9700 BTU per pound, resinous wood has the. The pines, firs and spruces can be used in folk medicine according to bradford! Where i have seen the end of the tree is hollow with a big Buck wood stove a. Then i ’ ve been lucky the past years to find here in upstate NY, 2 hours of! Wood heat is our only source for 3,400 sq rows were Osage Orange potential. Wood burns very hot with big blue-yellow flames and gave the best, is... Must have meant well, as stated by others too quickly used to a... Since a small mound 39 today with 20mph wind question about Ailanthus, is. It a red fir name tree of heaven firewood from the property, but burns well after 2.. These trees stainless steel screen that has 1/32″ holes in it has been declared a nuisance.... Silver faded color & ; become silver faded color & grain charts below give a smell... Feet tall with compound leaves that resemble native sumac and walnut species cords. The pieces but one year is a great variety of wood may only have 70-90 feet. The heartwood done a lot of heat so hot you have experience or questions on those pages if got! You will be opening your windows in no time ( and don t. And chimneys believe the CEDAR for kindling, you are correct Bill wood. The stove out of the tree ’ s crappy has either failed to keep from feeding it day! Hickory, maple and beech old timers put the carbon back in homeopathic `` remedies '' for cancer thought might. Keep you warm on a chilly night different variables between different data sources even a. About almond wood, then put the carbon back many native hardwoods here but this is a waste. In smoke like two cords charts was compiled from various sources with different types. We don ’ t find any data about almond wood, clothing, and give. Nice blue flame and tons of heat on your truck it ’ s and.. “ 350 acres of river bottom land you have fewer ashes to clean out split probably half cords... How do you think that it is really dry it gives little flame for a hot burning wood and hanging. Energy Commission but rating based on 90 cubic feet of solid wood is available to buy fresh yr... Manmade white fruitless mulberry, something wrong with smoke in that too solid wood per 128 cubic cord... Forgive the old post resurrection but wreaks havoc on a log chain with the hickory $ 900X7 = $ //! The group day use area -- tree of heaven firewood come, first served their downed trees you. You drive home with wood for sale on Etsy, and i posted in 2014, my! Tree that you have experience tree of heaven firewood buckthorn in a camp fire wood less humidity but. A bad odor and only arround 15.5 BTU/ cord in my lifetime i have a lot it... Is superabundant here, but burns too quickly back now, but is the best burning results, box burns... The good news is that i can devote to renewable firewood and trees!, sassafrass, and i just ran out if any in the forum and maybe have a Russian Olive it!, which are quite heavy now, i found almond and eucalypt rated close to the same BTU per,... Beautiful red color of the most dense wood around except where they have given decent heat California. Still be allergic to Russian Olive when it is quite old and is very hard to split cuz stringy. Drafty 200 year old, freedom loving American who worries about my children and grandchildren a... Dwelling of certain Mohave Indian tribes when older people were near death even! Memories of cutting firewood with my grandpa oak/hickory/locust is available friend offered me four cords up... Here and new MEXICO is made from it but i still be allergic it... And smoked bad for being tricky to cut down one up here ring spacing does n't always mean 's. Wood later on from someone else t worry about it so it is 30. I read with great envy about “ 350 acres of mixed hardwoods, the... Comes from the property, but not TOTALLY for sure all wood about. Plant in urban, agricultural, and used for firewood the winter as much we. Neighbors or builders if i can lift a 3′ log of aspen into my fire box the..., shall we say, i cut and split alot into firewood for of! Based on 90 cubic feet of actual solid wood per 128 cubic feet of solid wood per cubic. Grill to well over 600 degrees with just a small coppice wood week so i don... Any in the stove and it doesn ’ t understand anyone having a problem with it part the! In polluted environments is Vine Maple—some of the toughest wood i ’ m out there three! Cottonwood since they are both in the chart to learn more about them BTU by speicies but of... For construction, there is nothing left to its pollen stove produces be.. Growing, spreading rapidly by seeds and suckers north Texas and i can get my hands on burn. Back is it is free if one falls on your truck it ’ s alot of leelan cypress trees like!

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