Dress the Part: Implementing Dress Codes in the Workplace Tattoos, piercings, suggestive clothing, and other employee wardrobe choices can present sticky issues for employers. When employers provide these things at no cost to the employee, employees may recognize that the employer is concerned with their well-being and safety. At the same time, a … As a result, your employees need to look smart in front of the customers. Business owners often hope to reap other dividends from relaxed dress codes in the workplace (or no codes at all), HR Daily Advisor says. Moreover, the code indirectly (non-verbal) tells you about the standards and expectation of the employer. The most commonly faced problem by all employees is that not everyone can buy the required clothing (unless the company pays for the dress code). Then she launched her own small business, which specialized in assisting small business owners with “all things marketing” – from drafting a marketing plan and writing website copy to crafting media plans and developing email campaigns. What Are the Benefits of a Relaxed Dress Code? In the law and banking firms, employees (lawyers and bankers) are expected to wear suits, neckties, and other formal outfits. Thus, when you jot down the standards make sure to get your facts and ideologies through the other end of the table. Expected standards are not based out of blue. Within 24 hours, a person changes his or her clothing, at least twice. As a result, it maintains an active and professional environment in the workplace. There are benefits to wearing casual clothing in the workplace, such as good morale, open communication between managers and employees, and a lack of cost to the employer (Gutierrez & Freese, 1999, p. 35-36). The company they work for takes an equally casual approach to business. An industry that produces or makes items requires certain guidance regarding the dress code, keeping in mind the safety of the employees. That is what ideal employees do. Avoid being a part of such issues or they may seriously destroy your reputation. If casual clothing helps employees feel more relaxed, the reasoning goes that they also could: Feel less stress on the job, leading to greater productivity. Casual dress signals to others that you’re different – in a good way. They should look like they belong to the restaurant. The Pros . Moreover, it creates a sense of seriousness towards the work, which casual clothes can never do. some of the advantages may include: The process of getting ready for work becomes easy. You may regard them as hardworking and diligent. However, in the office making everyone wear the same type of clothes may turn the things boring for them. However, do not forget to hear his part of the story too before deciding on an action. Business casual dress code in the workplace is becoming increasingly standard. Dressing correctly helps you stand apart from the rest and be a role model for others. Uniform at school made everyone feel equal. Thus, when you mention these in your expected dress code, give them a reason to follow. Loose hair may fall into the food item and degrade the quality and trust of your consumer. You are not kidding, thus show them (Possible consequences), 3. Let them know the clothing that is prohibited in your firm. You may overcome even your own hesitations once you assess the benefits, knowing that Wilde would be cheering you on. Moreover, it eliminates the possible confusion and dissimilarity between two employees of the same group. How to Improve Concentration and Memory Easily? If your clients and customers are whispering about the casual nature of your employees’ attire, chances are that they are drawing some negative inferences about them, you and your business. The first step in creating a policy is that you understand the required standard yourself. Does dress code really have an impact on corporate culture? But you don’t want to be viewed as an autocrat by your employees. Richard D. Alaniz, JD But who says you can’t follow one style most days of the week (business casual), one on Fridays (casual) and one when important clients are expected to visit (business formal)? In corporation, men are required to wear clean, business clothes that might include shirt and trousers. Well, once you have the answers to your above question then lay them down in your dress code policy. 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