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Understanding Liver TransplantsEn qu© consiste un trasplante de h­gado

Understanding Liver Transplants

During a liver transplant, your sick liver is removed. It's replaced with a healthy donor liver. This sheet helps you understand the process leading up to your transplant.

Why You Need a Liver Transplant

Your doctor can tell you more about why now is the right time to begin preparing for a transplant. It may be because the liver is not working as it should. Or, it may be that you have a health condition that would be improved by a liver transplant.

Your Transplant Evaluation

Before you are put on the transplant list, a transplant evaluation is done. This takes place at the transplant center. It takes 2-3 days, and is done outpatient (you go home at night). Your health is assessed. Tests, such as blood tests and imaging tests, are done. You and your family will also learn more about transplantation. The transplant coordinator and the rest of the transplant team will talk to you about:

  • Benefits and risks of liver transplantation.

  • Medications needed after the transplant.

  • The possibility of organ rejection.

  • Health insurance and financial issues.

  • Options for organ donation.

  • The process of waiting for an organ.

  • What to expect during surgery.

  • Care after surgery.

  • The emotional aspects of transplant for you and your family.

  • Travel plans for the time of transplantation surgery.

Where Your New Liver Will Come From

  • In most cases, the new liver comes from a donor who has just died (cadaver donor). A donated liver is screened for disease before the transplant is done. It's also checked to make sure it's a match with your blood type.

  • Transplants can also be done from living donors, often family members who match your blood type. The liver is the only organ in the body that can regenerate. So the portion of the liver removed from the living donor grows back after the transplant. The transplanted liver also grows to full size after the transplant. A living donation transplant can be scheduled ahead of time. It may be able to be done sooner than if you go on the waiting list for a non-living donor.

Waiting for a Transplant

Getting a liver transplant can be a long process. It could be months or even years before a donor liver is found for you. Here's what will happen during this time:

  • Your name is added to a national waiting list. This list is ranked by how sick people are. Very sick people are higher on the list than people who don't need a transplant right away.

  • Follow instructions for how to stay in contact with the transplant center. The transplant center maintains your status on the waiting list. If your liver disease gets worse or another health problem develops, tell the transplant center right away. These events could change your status on the list.

For more information about liver donation and the national waiting list, visit:

Transplant Living (United Network for Organ Sharing)

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